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Join certified wellness expert, TV host, speaker and author of the best selling books Go with Your Gut and Thin From Within, Robyn Youkilis for a FREE online class about how to find success building a business in the health, wellness and personal development space.
This FREE webinar is for you if:

You’re on the fence about enrolling in IIN. You’ve signed up for IIN’s Free Sample Class or Curriculum Guide but are still on the fence about enrolling. You’re not TOTALLY sure if this program is legit, and/or if it’s for you, right now.

You’re a health and wellness junkie curious about making this passion a career. You LOVE all things health and wellness. You spend your free time blogging or going to yoga, or whipping up healthy recipes in your kitchen. Maybe you even coach or teach something on the side, but you have a full time job (being a parent counts as a job!) and you’re not sure if this dream is even possible.

You’re feeling stuck in your current job/life situation. You love healthy food and self development, but not sure if it’s a career for you. You know something in your life needs to change, but you’re not sure what. You’ve thought about IIN or a similar program but can’t justify the time and money commitment given the fact that you’re not even certain this is the change you need.

During this online class you’ll learn:

- How I decided that IIN was the right program for me, and how I continue to make important business (and life!) decisions to this day.

- The career opportunities available to you as a certified health coach, and the different (and creative) ways I’ve made money as a coach over the past decade.

- My #1 recommendation for anyone considering a career in health, wellness or personal development.

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